Skinwalkers at the Pentagon Panel Discussion


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The Book Skinwalkers at the Pentagon had finally been released discussing the UAP program and cover-up that was outed by the New York Times in December 2017. The book was authored by James T Lacatski D.Eng., Colm A Kelleher Ph.D., George Knapp. The panel discusses the disclosure they make about AAWSAP, AATIP, Skinwalker Ranch, the seemingly evil orbs, Richard Doty, Senator Reid, and even the dark hidden group that is rumored to be running the show. The panel also discussed the possibilities for future releases like the upcoming Lou Elizondo book, and the Department of Defense Inspector General's reports being pushed by Elizondo and Danny Sheehan. Guest for the panel included Tom Whitmore, Dr. Bob McGwier, Alan Steinfeld.

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