The Parent's Lounge - Season 1 - Episode 37: Betsy Stover From The Why Mommy Drinks Podcast


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This Week's Guest: Betsy Stover
Tonight We Welcome Betsy Stover from: Why Mommy Drinks Podcast to the show. She'll be joining Jamie, Jason, and Kate to dissect the latest in the world of parenting.
In this episode the TPL crew talks about The Why Mommy Drinks Podcast, Why we Drink as Parents.
Jason talks about the bad child eating spiders that may or may not be in basement.
Jamie talks about the horrors of child face painting.
Betsy talks about her ties to The Illuminati
Jamie introduces his idea to make a child shaped popcorn maker
The gang talks about when it's safe for a child to learn to cook
Jason talks about how he can't fight with his wife due to her stroke
Betsy talks about her son's heart condition
The gang talks about medieval torture devices
Kate, Jamie, and Jason all get Time Outs
A Fan tells about how they share bank accounts with their Ex
All This and More This Week on The Parent's Lounge
Live Tonight 10pm EST/7pm PST.
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