The Parent's Lounge - Season 1 - Episode 38: Winnie Schrader


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This Week's Guest: Winnie Schrader
Mom of 11, Podcast and Radio Personality Winnie Schrader joins Jamie Kaler, Jason Gowin, and Kate Mulligan this week on the show.
The TPL crew talks about the mountains of laundry children create.
What it's like having 11 Children
The wild and vicious world of Youth Soccer
The Fantastic World of Portable Toilets
The Fear of Returning to Remote Schooling
Jamie and Kate's review of the movie Teacher on Hulu
Jamie's daughters new way of opening a bag of chips
The crew talks about their prospective Thanksgiving plans
A look into the world of Nannies and out of the family childcare
Screen Time with Kids
Jason asks about the bizarre world of Common Core Math
The Gang Plays a Game of Parenting Never Have I Ever
Being Compared to your Ex, And so much more!
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