'How To Follow Your Passions To Find Your Purpose' with Tamica Wilder (Somatic Sex Coach)


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Does the universe give you clues over the course of your whole life as to what your true purpose is?

In this episode I’m talking to Tamica Wilder, a bodywork & somatic sex coach.

One of the reasons why I reached out to Tamica is because I noticed her online presence growing recently with her finding bite-size palatable ways for her to share her ideas to her community in a way that allows her to define her brand and grow her offering.
In this chat you'll hear points about:

  • The benefit of working with a coach-led think tank to level-up your business practices
  • DIY Branding: How to tell YOUR story YOUR way - and knowing what your industry expects - so that you can DEFY EXPECTATION
  • Tamica shares a great tool that you can use to make a first step towards working out your brand's look and feel.
  • We discuss gathering research and being hyper aware of what else is around vs. creating in a bubble (hint: there's no 'right' way to create)
  • The importance of showing up to the page or the screen or the camera or the instrument - regardless of how you feel... because if you waited until you felt ' inspired' you may never get anything done
  • The importance of boundary setting and scheduling to balance life demands (like having multiple human being to take care of)

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