'How To Give Your Brand CULT STATUS' with Tim Duggan (Junkee Media founder; Author 'Cult Status')


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My guess today is Tim Duggan who is the founder and editor of Junkee Media.
Tim has just released a book called 'Cult Status', which I read in the lead up to having a chat. It's such a palatable and effortless read… well, 'listen' in that, I actually consumed it in a couple of days via Audible because I’m a self-confessed terrible reader.
I wanted to talk to Tim because not only has he built largest millennial media platform in the country, but has found a way to continually reinvent Junkee's offering in a digital landscape where the only constant is change.
I’ve known Tim for over 10 years – I was once a night club doorman at the Melbourne branch of a night he used to run with none other than Courtney Act called 'Disgraceland' and so we’ve always been on each other’s radars.
When I heard he was writing his first book about lessons learned in launching – and sustaining – a millennial media empire, I couldn’t wait to learn from one of the countries best most pragmatic geniuses of creative business - and certainly one of the nicest.
Cult Status contains magnificently practical and fun way to workshop your own business or brand in order to understand how to make it "sticky" – irresistible to your audience for the purpose of breeding a rabid fan base.
In this chat, we discuss:

  • Discovering your superpower - and using it to create an offering that resonates.
  • How Tim transformed his schedule in order to find the time to write his first book.
  • How Tim works with writers block - not against it.
  • Why the most important part of any good idea is action

This conversation is relevant for anyone looking to launch any sort of creative project, whether it be a business or brand or a rock band.You’re nothing without the support of an audience. remember: it's not enough just to have a talent - you have to have a talent for your talent.
For more on Tim / his amazing book 'Cult Status' check out the show notes. http://cultstatus.com/
In this podcast, Tim also references 'The Miracle Morning' by Hal Elrod:https://miraclemorning.com/
For more on Dan: www.instagram.com/danbrophywww.danbrophy.com

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