Reach Your Goals Faster by Working with a Coach: Jerico Mandybur - Part II


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This is a second instalment of my chat with best-selling author, award-winning coach and founding editorial director of Girl Boss, the women's media empire, Jerico Mandybur.

If you didn't catch last week's ep of this podcast, it's a great place to hear about Jerico's career origin story - and the path that lead her to combine her career in journalism and her passion for tarot and spiritual eclecticism.

The reason why I wanted to check back in with Jerico is because so much time had passed since we last spoke - I think there was about 6 months between recording and posting the episode, due to my own delays around rebranding my podcast - which meant it was also a great opportunity to discuss the frustrations that all creatives have with balancing the demands of work and the calling of our passions.

This time around the episode is hot off the press, and I spoke to Jerico while she was in hotel quarantine, having just returned to Australia from living and working in LA.

I loved talking to Jerico so much, what was meant to be a 30 minute check in ended up as a 90 minute shequel episode - but we just had to keep on going til it all stopped flowing.

Some of the topics we discuss in the chat are:

  • The practical ways to be both ambitious & goal-oriented - while also avoiding overworking
  • How to structure your day for maximum productivity when you work for yourself
  • How to fit writing a book into an otherwise full working life.
  • How she developed her own unique visual aesthetic
  • How she works with clients as a coach and branding & editorial consultant
  • When is the best time to seek out a coach or consultant?




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