'The Practical Magic of Balancing Self Care & Career' with Jerico Mandybur (Neo Tarot, Girl Boss)


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In today's episode chat I'll be talking to best-selling author and spiritual coach, Jerico Manydbur.

I first discovered Jerico through her ‘Tarot Card of the Week Readings’ on Instagram - I love Jerico's candid, cool approach to tarot - turning it into something that felt as quotidian as a green smoothie.

Last year, Jerico published her own tarot deck, Neo Tarot. Besides being some of the most beautifully illustrated, they are unique in that they are both gender non-binary and present a wide array of racial archetypes. True to form, the accompanying book presents a practical explanation of each card offering actionable next steps to further self-awareness, tying the entire practice to wellness - as opposed to an immovable fate that you have no control over.

I wanted to talk to Jerico about the career path that lead her from Oyster Mag in Australia to being head-hunted by Sophia Amoruso to be the editorial director of Girl Boss. We also talk about:

  • How to Avoid burnout by looking out for the signs. One month of rest could save 6 months of recovery down the track
  • How to know which lane to pick when it comes to building a career that has real meaning and resonates with you
  • The importance of committing to 'the long game' to create a career that you love


  • How to navigate supporting yourself financially while you support yourself creatively - the great juggling act.

I spoke to Jerico while she was based in LA and we had some sound issues for the first part of this chat, so if you are an audio snob jump ahead to the 35 minute mark - however if you do stick around there is some gold to be had in the first half an hour.Jerico has is now back in Australia and offering her skills as a consultant, so for anyone who wants to leverage the skills she has gleaned from a decade defining some of the coolest brands in the world, get in touch with her via jericomandybur.com








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