Turning Your Side-Hustle Into a Life-Changing Career with Andy Mant (BluBlox)


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Andy Mant is founder and CEO of BluBlox - the light-blocking eyewear that improves sleep, affects mood and combat digital eye strain.

Andy began his entrepreneur's journey after after feeling frustrated with a career in recruitment that left him wanting.

However beyond just having a million dollar idea you need a 'million dollar strategy' to help bring it to fruition.

Andy was an absolute GOLDMINE of wisdom and inspiration. Some of the topics that we discuss on this episode are:

  • Discovering what you're passionate about - when you have no idea
  • How to know when it's time to quit your day job
  • Bridging the gap between your day job and your side hustle
  • Identifying a gap in a market to create something that has an in-built audience
  • The macro and micro shifts that you can take to transform your focus and productivity every day (some of them you'll wish you started doing yesterday

Have a notepad ready, because you are going to want to be taking notes!

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