Senior Pastors, Self Promotion, Narcissism and Social Media - with Marshall Ballantine-Jones


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Did you watch the Social Dilemma and consider throwing your phone (and the apps installed!) out the window. This week's we are thinking through the pastoral opportunities and dangers of social media. Marshall Ballantine Jones joins Dominic Steele to discuss the impact of social media use on pastor's, particularly with regards to encouraging self promotion and narcissistic tendencies. In the light of the Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma, Marshall outlines how we can use social media in a God-glorifying way and model this to our congregations too.

Dominic and Marshall also discuss the impact of social media on young people, self-esteem and conscience, outlining relevant dangers and opportunities for growth.

We reflect on key questions regarding our intent, objectives and priorities when it comes to interacting online. Including: How do we get our hearts right? What are we seeking to do? How we can use social media well? What pitfalls are there to avoid?

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