PMS 2.0 359 - Chris Godwin, Josh Norman, and AJ Hawk


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On today’s show Pat and the boys dive deep into conversation about off-season NFL rummors and end with discussing the latest in Tiger Woods news.

Pat and the boys are joined by two amazing guests. First being All-Pro, Pro-Bowler, and super bowl champion Chris Godwin. They chatted about the previous season, addition of Tom Brady and other offensive weapons, and his upcoming free agency. Next Pat dives deep into the NFL quarterback carausel with the playing destination of Deshaun Watson, Russel Wilson and many more being up in the air. Former All-Pro Corner and current corner for the Buffalo Bills Josh Norman joins Pat and AJ. They talk Norman finding his life calling outside of football, which receivers are the hardest to guard, and what to expect from him going forward. Pat explains the latest collecting craze that is NBA top Shot. Lastly Pat, AJ, and the boys all discuss the latest in Tiger Woods car accident. Make sure you subscribe to and listen every day on Mad Dog Radio, Sirius XM Channel 82. We appreciate you all for listening, come and laugh with us, cheers.

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