The Suspicious Death of Patrick Sean Kelly Pt. Two


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(Part 2/2) May 5, 1996. Tijuana, Mexico. A young man is struck by a motorcycle while running across the highway and dies in hospital six days later. Three weeks pass before he is identified as Patrick Sean Kelly, a 22-year old Canadian film student who had gone missing from the University of Southern California. There are a number of suspicious discrepancies to suggest there is more to Patrick’s death than a simple accident, as his ATM card is used and his vehicle is driven after he is hospitalized. The evidence also shows that Patrick may have travelled to Mexico with another young man, but this person is never identified. What compelled Patrick to make this trip? If he travelled with someone else, what happened to them? Was Patrick’s death really caused by the motorcycle accident, or did the local authorities orchestrate a cover-up? These are just some of the unanswered questions in this week’s baffling episode of “The Path Went Chilly”, which chronicles an unexplained death which turned into a nightmare of jurisdictional red tape.
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