EP 68 - Zachary Levi: Accepting Yourself, Healing Your Wounds and Finding Your Faith


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Sometimes finding your calling and healing your wounds are two sides of the same coin. This week Paula sits down with actor Zachary Levi for a conversation at the intersection of calling and courage.

You know Zachary from his recent roles playing onscreen champions like Kurt Warner in “American Underdog” and the DC superhero, “Shazam!” At just 4-years-old, he was bit by the acting bug when he knew he loved making people laugh. But underneath that instinctual desire to preform, Zachary would go on to struggle with unresolved childhood trauma – a path of pain would lead him to rock bottom and land him in a treatment center.

Zachary opens up about his journey through depression to purpose – and his debut book, “Radical Love: Learning to Accept Yourself and Others.” Hear how self-acceptance helped him drown out the voices in his head that told him he’d never be enough. Find out what he calls his deepest desire and why it led him to write the book. And don’t miss the most beautiful story about how a special angel helped him find his faith again.

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