EP 69 - Bianca Juarez Olthoff: Overcoming the Odds, Ignoring the Labels and Stepparenting with Hope


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Have you ever had big plans for your life only to find out that God had other ones? This week’s guest knows that space of confusion-turned-calling well and what it’s like to have a holy nudge that just. won’t. quit! Bianca Juarez Olthoff is a popular speaker, teacher, preacher, church-planter and author. She’s also a wife, proud stepmom and a brand new member of the Access More family (Yay!), with her podcast, We’re Going There.

This week Paula sits down with Bianca for a candid conversation about how she overcame the odds of childhood illiteracy, ignored the labels of growing up in the LA ghetto, and exchanged her best laid plans for God’s ultimate call on her life, which also included becoming a stepmom (You don’t want to miss what she’s learned from the Bible about being a stepparent. It’s so good!).

If you’re looking to step outside the expectations of others, find fulfillment despite things not going your way, or just feel rooted in the midst of a chaotic season of life… this episode and the wisdom Bianca is dropping marks the spot!

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