EP 71 - Jo Saxton: Lessons in Failure, Beating Burnout and Why Spa Days Don’t Fix Everything


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Ever felt called to something BIG and go for it, only to discover that “sure thing” didn’t quite work out – like, at all? This week’s guest has been there, done that and came out on the other side of “utter failure” only to discover something truly powerful: the wreckage of our lives holds great purpose.

Jo Saxton is a speaker, author, podcast host, leadership coach – and a beloved contributor for CARRY Media. She’s dedicated her career to growing leadership teams around the world and empowering others to find their purpose – both in their leadership and their personal lives. Paula and Jo discuss how failure has shaped Jo’s current calling and career, why she says our calling is different than a blueprint, and the B word: Burnout. This episode will coach you up on why so many of us have it and how the answer to fixing it lies in lowering our expectations.

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