EP092 | The Early Days of Agency Life with Joshua & Aaron Toholsky


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Meet Joshua & Aaron Toholsky from Holsky Media.
Holsky Media is a digital marketing agency providing solutions in Social Media, Photo/Video Content, Lead Gen, Conversion, and SaaS. Their target market is small and mid sized businesses in both brick & mortar locations as well as ECOM.
Remember the early days of your agency? Getting started, figuring out who to serve, what you're great at, how you fit into the market... For most of us these are exciting times, and it was early days for the Toholsky Brothers when they dropped by the show.
Since then, they've gone from strength to strength, and it was great to catch them at that early inflection point in their business. Enjoyed hearing about their journey so far, and their plans for the future. Great episode for those at the beginning of their agency journey.
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