S5E1 // Fueling Elite Academy Football Players: From Science to Practice w/ Dr. Marcus Hannon, PhD


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Summary of the Episode: 1:11 – Marcus’ background 2:30 – Nutritional requirements for younger athletes 8:15 – Schedule of an academy football player 9:38 – Resting metabolic rate in younger athletes 13:00 – Are all equations appropriate for young athletes? 14:00 – Consequences of under-fueling 17:20 – Youth vs. adult athletes: physiological and metabolic differences 19:25 – Can youth athletes ‘carb load’ 20:05 – Supplying carbs during training for youth athletes 22:25 – Energy expenditure in youth athletes: targets to aim for 26:58 – Senior vs. academy players – how the ‘rest of day’ impacts expenditure 28:40 – Fueling in under 14 and under 12 age groups 30:30 – Importance of establishing meal frequency 32:40 – The importance of breakfast in young footballers 35:30 – Marcus’ work with Aston Villa in the English Premier League 37:15 – Nuances in working at the highest level of professional football 39:10 – Relationship between chefs and performance nutritionists 42:15 – Evolution of performance in elite and professional football

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