#112 - Ned David, Ph.D.: How cellular senescence influences aging, and what we can do about it


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Ned David is the co-founder of Unity Biotechnology, a company developing senolytic medicines—molecules that target and destroy senescent cells in the human body. In this episode, Ned explains the science of cellular senescence and how it impacts the aging process. Ned discusses how senolytics may delay, prevent, treat, or even reverse age-related diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and neurodegenerative disease. As a serial entrepreneur, Ned also provides advice on how to transform a simple idea into the creation of a company.

We discuss:

  • Defining longevity and the principles of aging [2:50];
  • The control knobs of aging and how we can turn them [15:10];
  • Role of cellular senescence in aging and cancer [27:00];
  • History of senescence in scientific study [40:30];
  • The cellular senescence paradox [46:00];
  • Developing medicines that target cellular senescence [52:15];
  • Ned’s lessons on risk analysis in business [1:05:15];
  • The search for a molecule that could eliminate senescent cells [1:15:15];
  • Senescent cell elimination example in osteoarthritic knees [1:30:30];
  • Extending lifespan by removing senescent cells [1:45:00];
  • Senolytic molecule example in macular degeneration reversal [1:52:30];
  • The future of senescent cell targeting [1:58:30];
  • The role of cellular senescence and metabolic syndrome [2:01:30];
  • The role of cellular senescence and brain health [2:03:30]
  • What prepared Ned to start Unity Biotechnology [2:05:45];
  • Advice for someone deciding between business and academics [2:08:50]; and
  • More.

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