Episode 469: Fighting Animals, Individualism, & Engaging Teens with Kara Powell


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Phil’s Facebook page erupted after the recent episode about reparations—leading the Holy Post gang to ask about the limits of evangelical theology, and how American individualism has shaped our understanding of liberty, economics, and even theology. Then, a prayer service in Portland became a brawl between Proud Boys and Antifa involving paintball guns. Is it a harbinger of more conflicts to come? And a new survey finds Americans are far more confident than Brits they could triumph in a fight against a lion, a chimpanzee, and even an elephant. Then, Skye talks to Kara Powell, the Executive Director of the Fuller Youth Institute, about her latest book, “3 Big Questions That Change Every Teenager.” Based on extensive research, Powell explains the unique challenges young people face today, and how parents and churches can engage them with empathy while creating the right conditions for them to grow in faith.

PATREON BONUS: https://www.patreon.com/posts/54764019 News Segment: Animal News: What animals could you beat in a fight? [3:16] Proud Boys and Antifa clash at Portland prayer service [13:25] Reparations, institutional responsibility, and responses on Phil’s Facebook page [19:10] Anthony Bradley - Twitter thread on collective sin [20:49] Individualism and collectivism [27:55] Interview with Kara Powell: 3 Big Questions That Change Every Teenager (special link for Holy Post listeners) - https://fulleryouthinstitute.org/3-big-questions/holypostInterview Start [50:28] Recap of research leading to latest book [51:41] Qualities of an empathetic church [53:54] Three big questions (Identity, Belonging, Purpose) [59:41] Question 1: Identity [1:02:53] Role of technology [1:07:27] Question 2: Belonging [1:12:06] Mistakes for churches to avoid [1:16:16] Questions to spark more questions [1:22:06] Essential qualities for churches to shepherd young people [1:24:28]Other resources mentioned:

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