How Is The Eagles' Rebuild Going? (PST Show #414)


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What we're throwing down on the Table this week is an in-depth discussion with Ed Kracz, the Eagle Maven at, about how this Eagles' rebuild is going during the offseason. We are getting to know the coaches, and the direction they may be taking the talent on the team this coming season. What can we really expect from the talent as we dissect the roster? We dove into it this week!
But first, we gave our thoughts about the dramatic situation in the tennis world with Naomi Osaka and French Open story that has sparked conversation about the future of sports journalism and mental health in sports. (approx. 6:45)
As the Sixers remain hungry for a championship, we dove into our thoughts and concerns as they are playing a tough Hawks team in the second-round. (approx. 22:15)
Also, are we seeing the downslide of LeBron James as this year was the first-time in his career he was knocked out of the playoffs in the first-round? (approx. 28:35)
The Phillies success really is tied to Rhys Hoskins this season - and we've seen this in the past. But is this a good thing as we also reflect on the development of players within the system? (approx. 36:05)
Ian Laperriere was named head coach for the Lehigh Valley Phantoms. Is this just more of the same from the "good ol' boys club" mentality?(approx. 45:00)
This week's interview, and what we threw down on the Table was a discussion with Ed Kracz, the Eagle Maven at How might the new Vice President of Football Operations, Catherine Raiche affect the Birds' rebuild? Is there a logical reason as to why Nick Sirianni would forego mandatory mini-camp and being with his team during this time? Wide receivers DeVonta Smith and J.J. Arcega-Whiteside are certainly different receivers. And what can we expect with the cornerback 2 position this coming season? All of this much more on the Table! (approx. 50:05)

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