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In this episode I dive into all the hype around the newest social media app Clubhouse. In all honesty, I believe this app is a game changer and a disruptor in the social media realm. In this episode we cover why you should be on it and how it's a perfect opportunity to grow your social media channels, add value to conversations, network, and learn relevant photography and social media in real-time as opposed to weeks down the road.
We talk about some of Instagram's newest features including Reels and Guides and how they play into your growth strategy hand if at all.
Most importantly, as the show climbs up on 10,000 downloads, I mention how I will be giving away a Polar Pro gift card once that milestone is hit to one of you luck listeners. All you have to do is rate and review the show on Apple Podcasts and send me a screenshot! If you've already done that in the past, don't worry! You're already entered into the draw.
Go get shooting, go get editing, and stay focused!

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