The 80/20 Rule for Social Media Growth with @sethmacey


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In this episode we dive into the 80/20 rule and how adding a value proposition to your social media strategy and content is the true key to growth on any platform. In this episode we also cover the concept of only participating heavily in social media apps that speak to your strengths as a person and creator.
We talk about having multiple small buckets of income pour into one big bucket as opposed for trying to go for the whale money maker in photography. We also discuss being resourceful rather than being dependant on the abundance of resources and what the key difference between those two things is.
Most importantly, as the show climbs up on 10,000 downloads, I mention how I will be giving away a Polar Pro gift card once that milestone is hit to one of you luck listeners. All you have to do is rate and review the show on Apple Podcasts and send me a screenshot! If you've already done that in the past, don't worry! You're already entered into the draw.
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