258: Expert Edition: Renee McGregor: Leading Sports Dietitian & Author, ‘Fuelling for Health & Performance’


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In episode 258 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation with Renee McGregor: Leading Sports Dietitian & Author, ‘Fuelling for Health & Performance’ on this expert edition.

By way of bio Renee McGregor is prolific. In clinical practice Renee specialises in relative energy deficiency in sport, eating disorders, the female athlete and of course athletic health and performance. Her clinical practice and knowledge is supported by extensive experience working in both clinical and performance nutrition including the Olympic Games in London 2012, the Paralympic Games in Rio in 2016, and the Commonwealth Games in 2018 on the Gold Coast.

Renee is the best selling author of the "Fast Fuels" training series and "Orthorexia, When Healthy Eating Goes Bad" and today's expert edition is an exploration around all things fueling for the athlete.

Now historically on the physical performance show whenever we have featured an expert in the field of dietetics, or nutrition, these episodes have been extremely popular. There's a bunch of learnings coming your way as Renee shares with us today, the signs of under fueling for athletes, what to look for, for both the male and female athlete, the effect of disordered eating when it comes to an athlete's desire to be in energy balance, the top mistakes that athletes make when it comes to fueling for health and performance and so much more.

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