S01E15 - Training to take you from zero to hero...using your mind.


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Life started tough for Tom Foxley: being bullied at school, poor mental health and then discovering he had Sudden Death Syndrome.
Did he let it beat him? Anything but. Tom's strong. Very strong. Not just in a physical way, as a keen Crossfit follower, but in the mindset sense. So strong is his belief in the power of our brains, he created Mindset RX'd, a company which provides mindset coaching to elite athletes and the functional fitness community.
Tom runs us through his life story, from the struggles to the triumphs, taking in a few years living alongside the wilderness of Canada to understand the importance of nature's influence towards a healthier mind.
An inspiration for young and old alike, Tom will feed you with motivational concepts for living better. Prepare for a mind feast.

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