5 Tips on Gaining More Listeners for Your Podcast


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IN THIS EPISODE: Traci lays out a comprehensive 5 step marketing strategy you can implement for every episode of your podcast. #Rock the Podcast host Jessica Rhodes, founder and CEO of InterviewConnections.com interviews Traci DeForge, founder and CEO of Produce Your Podcast about all things podcasting. Below is a transcription of this episode:

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If you're ready to launch a podcast or you're currently podcasting and want to kick things up a notch here's another infopod from Produce your Podcast designed to take your show to the next level.

Jessica Rhodes:

Let's start with your tips on gaining more listeners.

Traci DeForge:

Oh my gosh that is such a great question and one that we address in a very detail oriented way with our clients because one thing we all know for sure is that as much fun as you might be having creating and producing and having your own show if no one's out there listening to it and especially if you're utilizing it as part of a marketing tool and you're not getting the activation in the response that you're looking for then what's really the point, right?

So we recommend that you have your show tile (that's your album art) on the show on iTunes and all the other platforms but recreate and have a specific graphic tile for each episode and when you release your episode utilize that and post that throughout the day, on the day, that it's released. But on social media, that's not enough. We all know that. So what we recommend is then secondarily come back and create a quote tile. Extract some content... something that was a quote from one of your guests in the show. Like for example we recently used Margie's quote of "Don't limit yourself" that she said on our Journey to There show. We created a quote tile that has the quote, the guest name and we also promote the links to the show. Again, in regards to the links to the show... don't just use your iTunes link. Use your link to iTunes, use your link to the website and when you alternate your posts make sure you alternate your links because people get access to their podcasts in different places and in different ways.

And then thirdly, we use a program and you can access it.I think they still have a free account but the pro accounts are really cost effective and that's a program called wavve where you can actually insert your audio and use video. You can also upload those to youtube and then the 4 step is that is we'll pull back a previous episode so that we're still promoting the show but maybe a previous episode that has been released and then say you have a really great review on iTunes then we put out a 5 star social media image with the review from the show.

It's a fully comprehensive per week social media strategy that's encapsulated from the day that the episode releases all the way through pulling back a previous episode and wrapping it up with a review for the show.

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Our experts are here to elevate your podcast produce your podcast is a full service turnkey podcast consulting agency. Visit our website and produce your podcast dot com have a question leave us a message or fill out the online contact form. produceyourpodcast.com


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