Podfathers S3 E37: Title: The Best Chain Restaurants, Toy Hall Of Fame Nominees, Pet Chickens, And Coronavirus Is Coming For Halloween After Killing Peeps


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he title pretty much says it all, but this week Clem and Large let their bellies lead the podcast as they talk about Italians jarring tomatoes which heads into a whole lot of food talk. What is the chain restaurant that defined your childhood? The nostalgia doesn't stop there as the 2020 Toy Hall of Fame class is announced which includes He-Man, My Little Pony, Risk, Tamagotchi, and a handful of others. Finally, the guys break down the latest round of things coronavirus is fucking up including Peeps (good) and halloween (bad) before getting into some mailbags and the Clems trying to decide if they should get a chicken as a pet.

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