How Birth Impacts Your Postpartum Years with Dominika Buck


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We have a special guest, Dominika Buck on the podcast today! Dominika is a certified postpartum nutrition coach and business owner. She owns Above and Beyond Doula Care, which supports women in labor and during breastfeeding. We get into a deep conversation about how birth can impact not just weeks postpartum but years to come.

Preparing for a friendly birth experience is what everyone wants to do but they rely too much on childbirth. What I mean by this is they tend to take childbirth classes and have an idea of what childbirth is “supposed” to be, and when that expectation doesn’t happen, they are left dealing with fear and overwhelm. But on the other hand, if you go into childbirth with no expectations you will feel like childbirth just happened to you and be left feeling out of control with the entire process. Having a doula will help you feel like you have complete control over the birthing process. Come listen in on all the goodness that Dominika shares in this episode, and be sure to share it with all your friends and family.

I highly recommend that you go check out Dominika and all the amazing things she has to offer. She is out here sharing her amazing wisdom with the world!

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In this episode, I’m sharing with you:

  • Introducing Dominika
  • Preparing for a friendly birth experience
  • Preparing for childbirth is more common than preparing for postpartum
  • Traumatic birth accounts for over 30% of all births in the USA only
  • Our confidence in ourselves is shrinking because our childbirth is filled with so much fear
  • Picking the doctor that you can trust 100% will help with the childbirth process
  • Our partners, and the role and effect they have during birth
  • How a doula can help you through the childbirth process
  • How to recover from a traumatic birth experience
  • Breaking the generational traumas of childbirth and postpartum
  • Understanding the physiology of postpartum
  • Breaking generational trauma starts with you.

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