Postpartum and Homebirth with Sarah and Matthew Bivens


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Sarah and Matthew are taking us through their journey of the birth of their daughter and the preparations they made ahead of time for her arrival.

They have such great information on the preparations they made and tips on how you can prepare for your baby as well. Matthew is a big believer in having a support system, regardless of how you find it, so you have people to reach out to when you need it the most.

Come listen in and be sure to share it with all your friends and family.

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In this episode, we share with you:

  • Introduction of Sarah and Matthew
  • Quick summary of Sarah’s birth
  • Time you spent preparing for a home birth experience
  • Time spent on postpartum
  • Far more time was spent preparing for birth and very little on postpartum
  • How both being life coaches prepared and affected this journey
  • Matthew felt very confident that he would know how to do everything after baby was born and that he would do things instinctively
  • Using google in postpartum instead of having a support group
  • Sarah’s experience in postpartum
  • The physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing
  • How healing shaped Sarah into the mother she is now
  • The blur of the first few weeks
  • The Baby Blues
  • Overjoyed to overwhelmed
  • The importance of an amazing support system
  • How a spouse can be a major part of the support system
  • Surrounding yourself with a supportive tribe
  • Why you don’t have to know all the answers when you have a good support system
  • Why creating a community is such a beautiful thing and such a necessary thing
  • Different ways to have a support system set up
  • The importance of finding a support system, even when it's not convenient
  • Sarah’s New Book & other resources they have created and shared.
  • Even if you are not at the point of considering a home birth experience, this information is absolutely valuable for pregnancy and the years beyond.

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