Postpartum: The First 6 Years After Baby


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What I'm going to be sharing with you here is essentially redefining the period that is postpartum. I want to talk about the postpartum period, and how it does not last for just six weeks, I will tell you upfront, that postpartum last upwards of six years. And this really shouldn't be a shocker because every woman who has ever birthed a baby will tell you that they are not fully healed at the six-week mark. Most women can attest to not ever feeling like a “normal human being” until their child reaches a certain level of independence when they’re able to take a step back and truly ask how they are doing. This is when the healing process really begins for most women instead of earlier because we have been trained as mothers that everyone else’s needs come before our own. So buckle up and get ready to deep dive into the postpartum period after having a baby.

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In this episode, I’m sharing with you:

  • The misconception of postpartum lasting only 6 weeks
  • Being conditioned that we, as mothers, come last
  • A huge need for women to be able to take a look at what we need to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally
  • We as mothers are defining self-care for our children
  • How the 6-week timeline came about
  • Why you should dismiss 90% of everything you hear and read about postpartum
  • Changes and an ACTUAL necessary healing time for your body postpartum
  • Hormones and all the changes with them in postpartum
  • This transition and these phases are greatly influenced by the care you receive in the first few weeks postpartum
  • Be gentle with yourself and know you are ever deserving of healing and loving your body in your postpartum journey
  • We have so much control over our healing.

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