Banishing Mom Guilt with Melissa Reilly


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A mother really can do it all... but should you have to?

Today we’re talking with Melissa Reilly, a clinical psychologist who has dedicated her career to helping moms bond with their baby while living their most fulfilled life.
This episode explores the layered and universal experience of mom guilt, why these emotions are wired into us all, and how we can stop letting them run the show.
You were never supposed to show up fully for everyone else besides yourself. Let’s find a better way.

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Caring for Yourself While Caring for Your Baby (Free Guide)
In this episode, we are sharing:

  • Guilt as an EMOTION & not an indicator of right or wrong
  • All emotions serve a purpose & have their own triggers
  • Self-care as a basic human necessity
  • Embracing the natural feelings of guilt to give them less power
  • Creating healthy separation & distance happens over time
  • Mixed and conflicting societal messages about “doing it all”
  • Asking for help is natural, normal, healthy, and appropriate
  • Our babies are separate human beings
  • The difference between wants vs needs
  • What to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed
  • Living with mom guilt & putting it in its place

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