Breastfeeding vs Formula: A controversial look with Fionnuala Doherty


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The formula currently available for those that are unable to, or choose not to breastfeed is not up to the standard that it should be. It has become something pushed more and more, instead of giving mothers the support they desperately need to have a successful nursing journey with their new baby.
Fionnuala is sharing her story of how she got started in researching the differences in formula and breastmilk, and why she is so passionate about it. She believes that education is where things need to start. Education from the government, the health care workers, and the formula companies.

The lack of support we are seeing for mothers is unfathomable. Come join this conversation to gain some insight into these different topics, and see what Fionnuala believes needs to change in order for mothers to have better options.

In this episode, we share:

  • Introducing Fionnula Doherty
  • Breast milk vs formula
  • Fionnuala’s start into this work
  • The milk that is closest to human milk
  • Proteins within milk
  • A baby’s gut isn’t fully developed until 6 months
  • Human milk changes at each stage
  • Lack of breastfeeding support
  • Formula is much easier to get which is wreaking havoc on our children and their health
  • Lack of information
  • Long term effects of being formula-fed
  • Pushing other processed things over breastfeeding
  • Formula can’t mimic breast milk
  • Start advocating for better care & more support
  • Fortifying formula
  • Breast is best
  • What are the other options?
  • Education
  • Lack of support, and not being given evidence-based information

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