Decluttering Your Mental Health Through your Space with Krista Lockwood


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Are you struggling with keeping up with your everyday tasks within your home? Are you constantly overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you have within your home and the ever-growing to-do list?

If this sounds like you, stop what you’re doing and listen in to this episode where Krista Lockwood is joining us to talk about decluttering and the overall benefits on your mental health and life in general as a Mama. You don’t have to continue living in this state of overwhelm and frustration brought on by the sheer amount of stuff surrounding you every day. You don’t have to tackle it all on your own either.

Come listen to this episode and start your journey to adapting and adopting a simpler way of living through simplicity and decluttering.

Where to find Krista Lockwood:
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In this episode, we are sharing:

  • Introducing Krista
  • How she was thrown into the task of decluttering
  • When she saw other moms newly within the postpartum phase with her struggling
  • She knew she could help
  • How our physical stuff takes up mental space
  • How decluttering can support you in postpartum
  • Clutter and its direct link to negative thoughts & sense of failing
  • How clutter tricks us
  • Heightened senses in postpartum make clutter harder to deal with
  • 2 simple ways to start decluttering your home
  • How to deal with the fear of getting rid of things in uncertain times
  • Mourning your belongings
  • It’s about the feelings that come along with a simplified home
  • Want extra support from a professional on your decluttering journey? Reach out to Krista
    • Here’s where you can find Krista (link is listed above, her website has tons of resources!)
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