Dysautonomia & Chronic Illness with Hannah Scott


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You can regain control of your health and experience radical healing, even in the face of chronic illness.

This is part of the story Hannah Scott shares with us in today’s episode. She tells us how she was able to heal a chronic nervous system disorder, against massive odds and misdiagnosis.

The postpartum period changes our bodies completely, and this includes our nervous system.

As these illnesses and diagnoses continue to rise, it’s time to learn what you can do about it.

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Where to find Hannah Scott:

Dysautonomia resources:

The Dysautonomia Project
Understanding Autonomic Nervous System Disorders for Physicians and Patients

In this episode, we are sharing:

  • Why dysautonomia is not an actual diagnosis
  • The symptoms to look out for
  • Hannah's journey to regaining control of her health
  • Healing as a process, not a final goal
  • Sleep and the autonomic nervous system
  • "Postpartum" as a misdiagnosis
  • You are your own best advocate
  • How having a baby changes your nervous system
  • Nutrition as a foundational healing piece
  • Dysautonomia resources

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