5 Misconceptions of Postpartum Nutrition


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The misconceptions around postpartum nutrition run deep.
The sad reality is that research has failed to consider the unique needs of the postpartum woman. As a result, you are given information that has failed you.
In today’s episode, I’m covering 5 of the top misconceptions around postpartum nutrition, and how you can get on a better path to whole body healing.
Whether you are in the postpartum period yourself or you are serving women who are - you cannot afford to miss this.
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In this episode, I am sharing:

  • Over 50% of women enter the postpartum period depleted of key nutrients
  • The reason salads, fruits, and supplements will NOT help
  • How eating in postpartum is radically different than eating in pregnancy
  • Whole foods are necessary to address deficiencies fully
  • Looking at the postpartum period well beyond those first 6 weeks
  • Modern testing is not founded on research that considers the unique nutritional needs of postpartum women
  • The path to joyful motherhood is available to everyone

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