50th Episode Celebration & Getting Personal


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Let’s get personal! What better way to celebrate the 50th episode than by answering some questions that we collected from listeners?!

Ready to hear everything from how I navigate researching information, to my beliefs, my relationship that didn’t work out after having my first baby, and so much more?

Come join us over in my Facebook group The Postpartum Circle after you listen.

In this episode, I am sharing:

  • 50th Episode Celebration
  • Being interviewed on my own show!
  • Questions from listeners
  • Navigating the wild world of health…how do I do it?
  • Where I research
  • What I look for & how I weed out
  • Special attention to what pertains to postpartum bodies
  • Becoming a single Mama after my first baby
  • Did I get back with my son's dad, or re-marry?
  • Depression, anxiety, and inability to function after having a baby
  • How it’s all worked out
  • How I decided where to start delegating in personal life and business
  • Where to start looking for support that we all deserve and NEED
  • Deciding on priorities and delegating areas you are currently showing up that you don’t want to have to as much
  • Being Christian & ALSO my belief of energy chakras, and moon cycles
  • What is the optimal spacing between pregnancies?
  • How do you achieve health in your body between pregnancies and feel when your body is ready to carry another?
  • Come join us in the Facebook group The Postpartum Circle!

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