Exercise after Baby with Dr. Jackie Kickish, DPT


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There is SO much pressure, both externally and internally, to return back to our pre-baby life and routine. When it comes to any strenuous exercise routine, rushing back to this can have uncomfortable and extreme consequences.

Today we’re talking with Dr. Jackie Kickish, who is both a doctor of Physical Therapy and a Pre & Postpartum Exercise Specialist. After navigating her own postpartum weight loss journey, she now helps other moms become fit and strong while maintaining a balanced, healthy, and joyful lifestyle.

If you’ve had questions such as:
When can I start working out again?
What types of exercise are safe and can help me heal long term?
What are the warning signs that something is off?

Then you need the information shared in this conversation. It will give you guidance on how to navigate postpartum exercise for yourself or for the clients you serve.
Where to find Jackie Kickish:

Free Postpartum Exercise Guide
Go to https://postpartumu.com/postpartum-university-podcast-ep58 for more!
In this episode, we are sharing:

  • How having twins completely changed Jackie’s views on health & fitness
  • Balancing caring for our kids while taking care of ourselves
  • Physically preparing our bodies for postpartum, not just birth
  • How the standard 6 week check up is failing us
  • Why our bodies need time to heal
  • Exercise before your body is ready is not safe
  • Gentle movement to reconnect the mind and body
  • The importance of seeking out an expert trained in postpartum

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