Gallbladder Dysfunction in Postpartum


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Did you know the gallbladder is a top reason for hospitalization in the first years after having a baby?

With so many women experiencing gallbladder issues, which then leads to many other issues during the postpartum years, we want AND need to know why this is happening.

I’m going to share some of the top reasons that you can be seeing gallbladder issues and offer some different things you can do to help heal it. If you have had your gallbladder removed, I also offer some tips in this episode on how you can continue to have good function of your liver and other organs that take on the load to ensure proper function once the gallbladder is gone.

If you are a Mama experiencing gallbladder issues, please listen to this episode and take this information to heart. Of course, if you have questions, be sure to join my Facebook group, The Postpartum Circle, and reach out! I’d be honored to assist you in your journey to healing in postpartum!

In this episode, I’m sharing:

  • Gallbladder complications and dysfunction
  • The gallbladder is a top reason for hospitalization in the first years after giving birth
  • The function of the gallbladder
  • Why is bile essential?
  • The Gallbladder, A storage unit
  • Cholestasis
  • Gallstones
  • The lack of understanding & research on the root of gallbladder disfunction
  • Your gut microbiome & the effects it has on proper gut function
  • Inflammation
  • Gluten & Dairy
  • Stress
  • Liver issues
  • The Liver & Gallbladder: How they work together
  • Pregnancy, oral contraceptives, and antibiotics
  • The root cause of gallbladder dysfunction
  • While removing the gallbladder sometimes has to happen due to the extent of disease. It is NOT the only option and can usually be healed!
  • Ways to make the gallbladder function better
  • Castor oil packs
  • Bitters
  • If you have MTHFR gene mutation, your liver function is absolutely critical
  • Phosphatidylcholine
  • Importance of bowel movements in cleansing your body and organs
  • How to balance your gut microbiota
  • How to help dissolve gallstones
  • Ox bile
  • Focus on your health and wellbeing through managing your stress levels, the food you eat and making sure that you're getting enough sleep!
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