Living in Desire vs. Fear with Monique Cowan, Whole Body Doula


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Are you connecting yourself to your truest desires or just the avoidance of your fears? This is a phenomenal question for both providers, Mamas. Regardless of what phase you’re in.

Monique Cowan is joining us in this episode, and she is a birth and postpartum doula and lactation educator. Monique's mission is to help mothers understand and connect them with their own innate and inalienable power. To truly support her clients holistically, so that birth and postpartum are full of love and joy and power. And to make that the norm, not the exception.

As you're listening in to this, I really want you to take into consideration how you are connecting yourself, or your clients to their truest desires?

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In this episode, we are sharing:

  • Meet Monique Cowan
  • Getting started as a doula
  • Holding space for clients and connecting them to their true desires
  • We all know what it is that we don’t want, learning how to switch our mindset from that, to focus on what it is that we do want and how to create it.
  • Getting very intentional about what you want, in all areas
  • Getting to a place of joy and delight
  • Stress hormones and their effects
  • Fear & how it impacts labor and birth
  • Finding a way to bring those fears to a minimum
  • Mindset is everything
  • The stress cycle that can happen from labor into postpartum that we want to avoid
  • How we can help improve health outcomes, regardless of how we serve our clients
  • Learning both the medical model and holistic model of care
  • Learning to truly listen to our clients
  • Offering solutions, that work for the person you’re helping
  • Becoming the guinea pig when necessary
  • Our experiences tend to shape our work
  • Shaping experiences of childbirth through being given options and being supported throughout them, especially when things didn’t go as anticipated.
  • How to find healing in postpartum from a traumatic labor or birth experience
  • Getting our Mama’s nourished and nurtured
  • We can treat things like they’re going to be good and normal
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