Motherhood and Identity with Zoe Etkin: Co-founder of Embodied Doula Trainings


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In the path to motherhood, so much of who we are is challenged and changed when we are, quite literally, cracked wide open and left raw. Whether you are a provider or a new mother, this episode will challenge you and help you look deeper into the psycho-spiritual changes and the identity shifts that occur in postpartum. It will help show you how to better expand and embody care for not only ourselves as mothers, but also the mothers we are caring for as providers and our friends and families as they step into parenthood.

I challenge you to take the information from this episode and ask yourself this question, how are you honoring the identity shifts that occur in motherhood and beyond for your clients? I can't wait for you to listen in on this. Let's connect afterward in The Postpartum Circle Facebook group, let us know your thoughts! We'll see you there.

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In this episode, we are sharing:

  • Psycho-spiritual
  • The profound transition that occurs going into postpartum
  • Grief & The Shadow side that is rarely talked about
  • Helping mothers navigate this transformation
  • Identity shifts in postpartum
  • The energetic outpour that occurs after childbirth
  • Childbirth cracks you wide open
  • The struggle to see past the “immediate postpartum” & initial fog
  • The lifting of the fog
  • Being in a period of immense change, and riding it out
  • There is a shattering of who you are when you become a mother
  • The most essential type of self-care in postpartum
  • Allowing new mothers to explore their identities and feel rested and nurtured
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