Part 2: Balancing Hormones


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This is going to be Part 2 of a 3 part series in the podcast on Balancing Hormones, Part 4 is shared in my Facebook group The Postpartum Circle, so be sure to go join!

These episodes will be spaced out and released through the month of July and August so make sure you are following the podcast so you don’t miss out!

Why are so many women experiencing imbalances during postpartum? Your hormones are responsible for everything. Healing from the inside out will help you regulate your hormones and allow you to heal faster and fully after having a baby.

There are four key components to hormone imbalances. Nutrients, sleep, support, and stress. Each one affects the next and when you are not taking care of yourself these can be exacerbated. Come listen to part 2 of balancing your hormones where I dive in a little bit deeper on this journey inward to healing your body and your hormones no matter where you are in your postpartum journey.

In this episode, I’m sharing with you:

  • Inward to healing your body and your hormones
  • Hormones are greatly responsible for how we live our life
  • How you healed and what balances or imbalances you had in postpartum will affect the experiences you have during menopause
  • Depression, anxiety, feeling constantly overwhelmed is not a place to live
  • You should be thriving, not drowning
  • Hormone imbalance is a symptom, not a problem
  • The four main reasons why your hormones are out of balance
  • Nutrients, sleep, support, and stress/trauma
  • Lack of nutrients, lack of sleep, this lack is causing the imbalance
  • In postpartum your brain changes immensely
  • The postpartum hormone cycle
  • Investigate how you are feeling
  • Assess where you are

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