Postpartum Dads: Interview with Joshua Maze


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While Mothers go through so much in postpartum, it’s important not to forget about the family unit and fathers during this huge change in everyone's life.

In this episode, I chat with Joshua Maze about his personal journey through postpartum with his wife after they had their daughter & the different struggles he faced with his mental health prior to her birth, and how it continued to get increasingly worse after the baby arrived with depression and anxiety.

We get into conversations that are so often not discussed, how postpartum affects Dad’s as well as Mom’s, and the importance of getting all important parties involved and offering support and guidance to them all.

If you are struggling, and in need of some answers, especially immediately and you're not able to get in to see a provider, reach out to PSI (Postpartum Support International).

This is a wonderful place to receive education and get the support that you need!

PSI Phone number: 1-800-944-4773

PSI Website >>>>here<<<<

In this episode, we share with you:

  • Introducing Joshua Maze
  • His postpartum journey
  • Finding Postpartum Support International
  • How depression can present itself differently, especially between males and females
  • A huge transition for both parents, not just moms
  • How can we do better to support the entire family, not just the mom?
  • Including the spouse
  • Oftentimes healthcare professionals neglect to support the whole family
  • Screening both parents for depression
  • Men generally do not get any parental leave & the issue with it
  • Starting to see change
  • The biggest piece of advice from Joshua for Mom listeners
  • The importance of communication
  • Offering support to your spouse
  • If you are struggling with your postpartum journey or know someone who is and need some answers, I encourage you to reach out to PSI for more education, support, and answers.

PSI Phone number - 1-800-944-4773

PSI Website

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