Rage and Anger in Postpartum with Jessie Ereddia


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Jessie Ereddia is joining us and sharing the realities of what rage and anger in postpartum means, and what we can do to support ourselves through it.
In this episode, we are going to break down what postpartum rage is, what it isn’t, and some advice from not only two professionals, but two Mom’s who have been there themselves and can help guide you on what to do and where to go next if this is something you find yourself struggling with.

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For full show notes go to https://postpartumu.com/rage-and-anger-in-postpartum-with-jessie-ereddia-ep44/
In this episode, we are sharing:

  • Jessie sharing her journey
  • The vision we have going into motherhood
  • Anger in postpartum
  • Intense out of control feelings
  • The DSM Five - Postpartum Rage is not yet categorized on this
  • How postpartum rage relates to mental, emotional changes you’re experiencing
  • How to move out of the shame and guilt around postpartum rage
  • Find someone you can trust
  • Start sharing
  • Explore the anxiety that is beneath that anger
  • Different thoughts and emotions that create fear and drive rage and aggression
  • The connection with feeling “unsafe”
  • How to move out of shame
  • Reframing your perspective
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