The Energetics of Healing with Tami Kent: Author of Wild Feminine and Mothering from Your Center


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Tami Kent joins us to discuss the deep disconnect that occurs within the motherhood space. There has been this forgotten work of energy and healing, and it is time we learn how to invite that back into our life.

Get ready to learn how to embrace your feminine power and invite it back into your body.

You can find Tami Kent here:

Her books can be found on this website, where there are links to purchase:
Wild Feminine
Mothering from Your Center
Wild Creative

In this episode, we are sharing:

  • Introducing Tami Kent & the potential of the female body that she works hard to represent
  • Disconnect within the motherhood space
  • Where Tami found this passion in the motherhood space
  • The importance of pelvic care in postpartum
  • My experience with Tami’s book ‘Wild Feminine’
  • What the patriarchy really is
  • The importance of the pelvic bowl, and so much missing information for women
  • The denigration of feminine power and the effects we are dealing with because of it
  • The effects on everyone from this patriarchy
  • ‘Mothering From Your Center’ by Tami Kent & what the book is all about
  • Tools for healing the mother wound
  • The attempt to be a tribe for our children, all by ourselves
  • Learning to care for yourself as the mother
  • By addressing your needs, you are also simultaneously addressing the needs of your family
  • Disconnect, dysregulation, and depletion that we live in when we don’t operate from that core space
  • Living in a depleted model
  • How to reframe reciprocity with our children, and learning to mother ourselves as the mother
  • The ebb and flow of the energetics of mothering
  • Energy meditations
  • Our bodies are meant to heal
  • The lost art of feminine wisdom
  • The sacredness of the female body is not something to be strived for, it IS sacred, no matter what.
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