Using Creativity to be a Better Mom with Fiona Valentine


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The world needs more creativity. We need new solutions and new approaches. We need the big thinkers and the big innovators.

And we need creative, joyful mothers.

Today, we’re talking with artist and mentor Fiona Valentine about the threads of creativity and how they weave into motherhood, business, and the core essence of ourselves.

All humans are creative beings. There is space for magic and joy when we learn how to gently nurture and indulge this side of us, without any expectation or judgment.

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Where to find Fiona Valentine:

Freebie Vault
The Confident Artist Group
In this episode, we are sharing:

  • Finding a place for creativity in motherhood and nurturing self indulgence
  • Women as natural creators, regardless of how it is expressed
  • Looking for the joy in every season
  • Starting small and keeping it simple
  • Embracing change and variety as the spice of life
  • The rhythms of motherhood and our creative brain
  • Creativity as a natural requirement to mothering
  • 100% of people are creative
  • Creative healing for ourselves, our children, and our businesses

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