TPM Episode 200: Henrik Harlaut, Pro Skier


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Episode 200 is a 3-part extravaganza where we revisit some controversial guests and then talk to the best skier of our time. For this one, I caught back up with John Spriggs to find out about the aftermath of his legal issues and where life is now, but John made me pull that audio. Next, it’s on to Ben Weis, where we find out if he was able to stay sober…and the icing on the cake is an hour with the most decorated skier medal wise in X Games history and more importantly one of the most stylish skiers of all time, Henrik Harlaut. Another Style master, Phil Casabon, asks the Inappropriate Questions. I chatted with Henrik in mid-October and here is the DO NOT MISS Episode 200.

Henrik Harlaut Show Notes:

3:00: John Spriggs

11:30: Ben Weis

16:00: Skiing, moving to Tahoe, hanging out at his house, and 70’s inventions

19:30: Stanley: Get 30% off site wide with the code drinkfast

10 Barrel Brewery: Buy their beers, they support action sports more than anyone

Elan Skis: 75 Years of Good Times

21:45: Ben Weis Cont..

31:30: Competing, getting a Burton, and getting on the Burton Team.

37:00: COAL Headwear: Use the code powell15 for 15% off

Peter Glenn Ski and Sports

38:30: Henrik Harlaut intro, his Salute Movie, and fear

49:00: Pandemic life, Champagne, brothers, and work ethic

56:00: Sports, moving to Are, Jacob Webster influence, and backflips

66:00: Propaganda, rollerblading, and Sean Pettit

74:00: The Jon Olson Invitational, Scott, and Ninthward

86:00: Olympic Pant incident, Sponsors, and money

93:00: Phil Casabon, figuring out contests, judging, and style

104:00: Inappropriate Questions with Phil Casabon

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