TPM Episode 201: Bob Klein, OG Pro Snowboarder, Agent


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Bob Klein is one of the rare first wavers of snowboarders that I’ve had on the podcast. He is that first-generation when everything was being figured out—he was an early Burton team rider, he had a Sessions store, he worked with athletes like Palmer, Holmes, and Cass…He’s done so much. We talk about a lot of it on the podcast and it’s a snowboard history lesson with a good dude who’s not afraid to admit his mistakes. Brad Holmes asks the Inappropriate Questions.

Bob Klein Show Notes:

5:00: Palmer, Holmes, Cass and other clients

11:30: The story behind his Linkedin, growing up in Southern California and privilege

16:00: Skiing, moving to Tahoe, hanging out at his house, and 70’s inventions

24:00: Stanley: Get 30% off site wide with the code drinkfast

10 Barrel Brewery: Buy their beers, they support action sports more than anyone

26:00: The Winterstick Deal, Tahoe City halfpipe, and finding the backcountry

31:30: Competing, getting a Burton, and getting on the Burton Team.

46:45: COAL Headwear Use the code powell15 for 15% off

Peter Glenn Ski and Sports

48:45: Growing Burton, instructing, and quitting Burton

58:00: Sessions, Jamie Salter, and Palmer Snowboards

68:00: Inappropriate Questions with Brad Holmes

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