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In this episode, Chris talks about the process he uses to self-publish books. If you don’t think writing a book is worth it, Chris is here to tell you otherwise. You may not make a ton of money from royalties; however, self-publishing has many other benefits. You can diversify your income when you’re known as an authority figure and as an expert in your field. Tune in as Chris dives deep into the self-publishing process, including the importance of an outline, an editor, and how to navigate imposter syndrome.

Meet Chris Swenson

Chris Swenson, LMFT is the author of the recently published book, “Private Practice Warrior.” He is the Owner/Founder/solo-operator of Rhino Wellness Center which is Chris’ successful full-time solo practice in rural Colorado. Chris is a true Private Practice Warrior who is currently developing a program called, “Private Practice Warrior – A Powerful Mindset for Ambitious Practice Owners – The “Way” to True Fulfillment in Life and Business. To receive a free pdf copy of “Private Practice Warrior” and a special bonus, click

The Benefits of Writing A Book

Some people want to write a book, but they don’t think they’ll make a significant amount of money from it. Chris says you may not make a lot of money from the royalties, but the benefits will pay off in the long run. When you write a book, you’ll gain a lot of credibility as an expert in your industry. When you are an authority on your topic, you’ll get invites to speak at events and programs. It’s like having a business card – you can show people what you have done and put yourself out there.

The Self-Publishing Process

First, start with an idea. What is something that you have always wanted to write about? If you help people with something all the time, that can be an excellent topic for your book. When you have an idea in mind, check out other books on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Spend some time looking at the reviews for similar books. That way, you can see what people liked about the books and what people think the author could improve. Next, you’ll want to identify your purpose for writing the book. The purpose will guide you through the process. If you forget why you’re writing a book, then you are going to get off track.

Pick A Style and Start Your Outline

Think about the style of book you are looking to write. Are you going to be more on the traditional and scientific side of writing? Or will you write your book more like a story? You can follow a character as they learn life lessons. After you know the style, then you need to start your outline. The outline helps with the writing process – it can be challenging to start. One way to start an outline is by doing a brain dump. Write everything and anything that you think of in your head. From there, you can bundle ideas into themes. Get as creative as you can with the outline; it will make the writing process more streamlined.

Finding Time To Write Your Book

When you’re finding time to write your book, that’s where the purpose comes into play. Remember why you decided to write the book in the first place. If you don’t have a purpose for writing the book, you will never find time to finish it. To help with the process, come up with a writing plan. If you know what day you want to publish by, then you can work backward. Think about how many chapters you need to write each week to finish the book on time. If you don’t finish in time, it’s okay! Keep trucking along and continue writing. Chris likes to speak into his phone instead of writing it down. That way, the process goes by way faster.

Should You Hire An Editor?

A lot of people who self-publish will recommend that you hire an editor to go over your book. Remember that there are different kinds of editors. Some people will edit for content, development, and even grammatical. If you’re not sure where to find an editor, you can hire a freelance one using the website Fiverr. When you edit your own book, you may keep adding and adding things – it will drag the process on. So, please stick to your schedule and get it done. If you need to add more, then don’t be afraid to write another edition.

Create Your Title & Cover

While the book is being edited, you can finally start thinking of a title and draft the cover of your book. Chris loves to use Canva for his covers. If you’re publishing an eBook, then Canva is the way to go. If you want something that looks a little more professional, then you can hire a graphic designer. Again, you can check out Fiverr to hire a freelancer for the job. Always go back to the purpose and who you want to reach. That way, it will determine if you need a cover for an eBook, printed book, or both!

Imposter Syndrome As An Author

You’re never going to overcome imposter syndrome as an author. Instead, it would be best if you worked through the thoughts and the feelings you have. Those thoughts are going to be there – you need to accept them and embrace them. Then, you can move through it and continue the writing process. If you are going to put yourself out there, you will hear the whispers of imposter syndrome. Part of the process is accepting those whispers. These are the same topics that our clients deal with all the time. Think about what you would tell your clients about dealing with their internal critics. It’s better to take imperfect action than perfect action. Put the draft out there and finetune your book afterward.

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