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In this episode, Marisol talks about the significance of having a niche as it relates to getting more clients. Also, having a niche can improve your SEO results. For Marisol, she enjoys having sex therapy as her niche. We talk about her journey to becoming a sex therapist and advice for people who are venturing into this space. Later, we chat about the importance of outsourcing when it comes to saving time and money – plus, it can even make you money in the long run!

Meet Marisol Westberg

Hi, I am Dr. Westberg and I am a sex therapist and couple’s counselor in Portland, OR.

I am a board-certified sexologist (ACS), certified sex educator (AASECT), and a licensed couple’s counselor (LMFT).

I am a former Professor in the Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy Program at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon. I coordinated the Sex Therapy Track and supervised students in their clinical training. I have offices in both Portland and Seattle but am doing only virtual sessions at the moment.

Sex Therapy As A Niche

Marisol says that the sex therapy niche landed on her lap rather than looking for it. It just started because she was teaching a course on sex therapy. Marisol had never done one case of sex therapy. Interestingly, she began teaching as she was starting out her private practice journey. As soon as she started to focus on sex therapy, her practice started to flourish. With a sex therapy niche, Marisol had a lot more people contacting her; she realized creating that niche was really a way to grow her practice.

Sadly, there's a lot of stigma and shame and all that kind of stuff around the sex therapy niche. When we're training, or when we're going to school, they do teach us a minimal amount of what we should do with human sexuality. Most of the courses in person or online on sex therapy still continue to expand on the human sexuality piece. However, they don't really focus on the therapeutic part, like how we get people to move through their issues?

Moving To Telehealth During Covid

Marisol is a fan of the business side of things. She likes to expand on different aspects of her private practice. So when Covid hit, Marisol saw that everything was going to Zoom. So, it made business sense to stop paying rent. Marisol decided to cut her costs, leave the city, and live on a beach. If you do go out of the country, you save yourself from paying a lot of the income tax because the income you're getting is from a different country. It's $100,000 that you don't have to pay income taxes on.

Making Sex Therapy Effective

It is a complicated piece in sex therapy to address sexual desire. All the interventions presented out there are counter-therapeutic. Actually, it creates more of a problem. Sadly, the solution creates more of the problem. For example, some people with low sexual desire say you just have to push yourself more. They think you just have to find ways to increase your sexual desire and just go do it.

The reality is that these solutions are mostly very gendered. Women are constantly pushing themselves to be more sexual. However, that's just not how desire works. When women push themselves, it creates trauma. In reality, a lack of sexual desire is affected by being tired and being stressed. To solve the problem, women should work on being less tired and less stressed. Women can light candles and do yoga. Slowly touching your partner will also help. Make sure there is nothing forceful going on.

Outsourcing SEO Work

Marisol saw a significant shift in the private practice world with outsourcing. She does all her own website design and social media. However, when she hired somebody to do the actual SEO stuff, that pulled her up in the search results. Some people are just straight out of school and haven't had a lot of time with their website. Yet, they are still number two in Google. There's a lot more to website work than some people can even imagine. A little money will go a long way when it comes to getting your website found. When running a business, it's important to recognize when you can bootstrap and when you can outsource. Sometimes, outsourcing will save you a lot of time and money. Plus, in the long run, it can even make you money!

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