#S2. E14. Why caring for YOU in the postpartum is so important


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Why caring for YOU in the postpartum is so important - With Emma Bord

During pregnancy and birth your body has nurtured, grown and birthed your newborn baby. Your body undergoes huge physical and physiological changes during these stages and often we underestimate the importance of caring for your body after birth.

The fourth trimester can encompass so many challenges from sleep deprivation, to hormonal driven changes to our mood and physical symptoms of recovery.

Regardless of mode of birth your body needs time and attention to recover properly.

Looking after yourself in the postpartum should absolutely be considered a priority and not a self-indulgence, yet so often self-care for new mums gets lost along the motherhood journey.

One woman who knows these challenges and the importance of support and recovery after birth is Emma Bord who is joining us to chat about how we should be caring for and nurturing our bodies post birth. Emma shares my ethos that the phrase “pre baby body” needs abolishing and switching out for a deeper understanding about the changes our body has undertaken and ways we can support our recovery.

Emma is first and foremost a mother of 3 young children, all 4years and under, her youngest born during lockdown this summer. Alongside parenting she is a Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor focussing on Pre and Post Natal exercise, with the hope of inspiring women to keep fit and well during and after pregnancy in a safe way to aid mothers both physically and mentally.

Emma is currently teaching a variety of classes via Zoom as well as 1-2-1 sessions and has recently set up an on-demand library for the convenience of her clients to be able to train at their own leisure from the comfort of her own home. You can find Emma on Instagram @emmabordpt for more pre- and post-natal exercise inspiration. You can contact Emma through her website www.emmabordpt.com and during lockdown she has created a fantastic online library packed with safe pre and post-natal workouts you can do at home, check it out here: www.instabook.io/s2/emmabordpersonaltraining/?m=library

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