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Twitter can be... difficult. But it still can be a place to connect with awesome people, especially the artists featured in our nerdcore hour!

The playlist is in order and marked as follows:

Title by Artist – Album

  • Heaven Knows (Prod. by Tek Nalo G) by Prowess The Testament
  • Dark Queen by Cam3, LadyJ & Twill Distilled - TOKENS
  • Simple and Clean by RoboRob - KINGDOM HEARTBEATS
  • Konami Code Love, Pt. 2 (feat. Creative Mind Frame & Kadesh Flow) by Ohm-I - Return of the Ohm
  • Flashman (SonicSkillz Remix) by Mega Ran - Mega Ran (5th Anniv. Edition)
  • 6 Months Old by Shubzilla & Bill Beats - The Kong Quest
  • Old New Normal by Ultraklystron - Subcritical Darling
  • Get Rolling by Zilla Persona - Three Legends
  • Strange New Gods by B. Bear - The Future Changed Our Lives
  • Posturing [prod. Liz Grove] LEX the Lexicon Artist Alter Ego
  • haalp Jesse Dangerously ÷ Eli Grove DangerGrove
  • Mako Mori Ryako Fangirl
  • You're Beautiful FrivolousShara Feel Good Vibes [EP]

Featured Artists This Hour:

Prowess The Testament -

Wreck the System –

RoboRob -

Mega Ran –

Shubzilla -

Bill Beats -

Ohm-I -

Ultraklystron –

Zilla Persona -

Benjamin Bear -

LEX the Lexicon Artist -

rap legend Jesse Dangerously –

LizardGrove -

Ryako -

FrivolousShara -

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