#85 - Redefining Success Ft. Jade English


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Jade and I have a powerful discussion about her journey from businesswoman to living a life of holistic balance. She takes us all the way back to how she struggled with male bosses as she was coming through the ranks and trying to make something of herself in the business world.
We take a deep dive into what life was really like on 'The Apprentice' and how it made her see the world differently. She peels back the lid on how social media influences live a life of lies and why she decided to leave for Bali and what that experience taught her.
What an incredible conversation!
Jade English
Jade English, a semi-finalist on BBC TV’s ‘The Apprentice’ turned holistic happiness hunter. Jade’s mission is to bring the benefits of holistic practices to the masses, showing us you don’t have to live a bohemian lifestyle to embrace your spiritual side.

‘“I want to shine a light on what can make people feel good, inside and out, and empower them to make informed decisions on alternative therapies”

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